Here's what I have been working on...

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Walking Energy Audit from Video using Artificial Intelligence - is the final aim of my dissertation. In this project, I use machine learning to estimate the energetic cost of walking from video recordings. Stay tuned as I continue to develop this project!

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Vetta Solutions

Our goal with Vetta Solutions is to develop a wearable-sensor system to estimate knee joint loading during walking. For this project, I designed & performed the data collection, and processed & organized the data for machine learning models. Currently we are testing and optimizing the models to estimate vertical ground reaction force loading during walking.

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BOS automates processing of walking biomechanical data (markers and ground reaction forces) through a musculoskeletal modeling platform (OpenSim). 

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3 Minute Thesis Competitions

I enjoy breaking down my science & work into its simplest form. In 2020 & 2021, I was fortunate to compete in 3MT competitions at conferences and as a part of both the American Society of Biomechanics and University of North Carolina annual competitions. See my Science Communication below!

3MT 20213MT 2020
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Volunteer at the ReCyclery

As a volunteer & board member of the ReCyclery, a non-profit community bike shop, I refurbish bicycles so everyone can have access to a bike! I also teach mechanics via workshops, organize the shop space, plan events, and assist with  fundraising. 

ReCyclery Website
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Latinx in Biomechanix

As a cofounder of LiB, we seek to promote inclusion & diversity in the field of biomechanics by providing space and social interactions to discuss our Latinx heritage & support each other in life and research. 

LiB LinkTree
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Impressions: Plantar Pressure Analysis

I designed a program to automatically process & visualize the foot-ground interaction using plantar pressure recordings. The clinicians and engineers at Children's Hospital Colorado implemented the GIF creation into their data review practices to guide clinical decision making. 

Impressions on GitHub
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Walking Ability at a Glance

I automated the data visualization pipeline at the Center for Gait and Movement Analysis. This project used 3D motion capture data and  categorical inputs to report metrics, graphs, & tables, providing a "walking ability at a glance" for patients and visitors.  

WAAAG on GitHub